Humankind – ogłoszenie pierwszego dodatku Cultures of Africa

Wydawca SEGA z przyjemnością informuje, że 20 stycznia ukaże się pierwszy dodatek do gry Humankind zatytułowany Cultures of Africa. Rozszerzenie wprowadzi nowe kultury, ludy niezależne, cudy świata oraz wydarzenia fabularne.

Paris, January 11th – When we first created HUMANKIND™, our turn-based historical strategy game, selecting only 10 cultures per era was quite the challenging process. Today we’re happy to announce the first additions to our original roster of 60 cultures, with the Cultures of Africa DLC. 

Experience thousands of years of history from the world’s second largest continent with 6 new cultures spanning all eras, new natural and built wonders, independent people, and 15 new narrative events.

Here’s some additional detail about what’s included in the DLC:


  • Era 1 – Bantu (Expansionist) The Bantu expansion is a postulated series of major migrations of an original Ntu-speaking group from Central- West-Africa across much of sub-Saharan Africa.
    Pick this culture if you want to grab a lot of land fast and early!
  • Era 2 – Garamantes (Agrarian) The Garamantes emerged as a major regional power in the mid-second century AD. Their growth and expansion rested on a complex and extensive qanat irrigation system (known as foggaras in Berber), which supported a strong agricultural economy and large population.
    Pick this culture if you want to get food from arid Territories!

Era 3 – Swahili (Merchant) The rise of the Swahili coast city-states can be largely attributed to the region’s extensive participation in a trade network that spanned the Indian Ocean.
Pick this culture if you have lots of coasts and want to take advantage of them!

  • Era 4 – Maasai (Agrarian) A fierce pastoralist people with a Nilotic (rather than Bantu or Swahili) language. For the Maasai, achieving warrior status meant single-handedly killing a lion with a spear.
    Pick this culture if you want to optimize your growth rate!

•  Era 5 – Ethiopians (Militarist) During the Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia and Liberia were the only two nations that preserved their sovereignty from long-term colonization by a European colonial power. By weaving the natural cliffs and ledges into the creation of their fortresses, Ethiopia was able to fend off most colonial forces.
Pick this culture if you’d like to quickly catch up on military and science!

  • Era 6 – Nigerians (Agrarian) Nigeria unites a wide variety of cultures under the rule of one state. The variety of its terrain and the abundance of its hydraulic resources offer it significant agricultural possibilities and make it one of West Africa’s foremost producers.
    Pick this culture to increase your oil deposits and agricultural workforce!


• Mount Kilimanjaro

• Victoria Falls

• Zuma Rock

• Lake Natron

• Great Mosque of Djenné


The Cultures of Africa DLC will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store on January 20th for $8.99/€8.99/£6.99.

We hope you enjoy!

Patrycja Szustak
Patrycja Szustak
Jest najprawdziwszym hobbitem, który kocha wszelkie zwierzęta, a najbardziej koty (jakby mogła wybrać swoje kolejne wcielenie, zostałaby grubym kotem). Przemieniła swój pokój w bibliotekę, na niekorzyść pleców mężczyzn, którzy musieli wnosić te wszystkie książki. Jej wzrost ułatwia zawinięcie się w kokon i oglądanie filmów oraz seriali całymi dniami. Lubi dobrą kawę, jednak jest zbyt leniwa, żeby ją zaparzyć.


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